The Effect of “khait” plant.


Khait is plant which cause addiction. It is well known in Ethiopia, Djibouti,Yemen, Kenya. Recently the expansion of this plant in Ethiopia cause the farmers not to seed different cash crops or plant other plants

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Sebastopol cinema owner, Tewodros Teshome Frown Clips of the movie theater For a beginner

Theodros Teshome Kebede, or sometimes spelt as “TEWODROS TESHOME” Nickname Teddy, born on January 7, 1970, in Jimma, Ethiopia, is a Producer, Writer, Director, and Actor of films in Ethiopia. Theodros, owner of Sebastopol Entertainment PLC and Teddy Studios, is known for resuscitating the Ethiopian film industry after the fall of the communist Dergue Regime that ruled Ethiopia for close to 17 years

Amidst tense negotiations over of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Egypt submitted a new proposal of excluding Sudan from the talks and introducing a neutral party, i.e. World Bank (WB), in the arbitration.

Egypt says the World Bank should be brought in to resolve tensions with Ethiopia over a massive dam on the Nile River that Egypt says threatens its water security.

Latest new’s about Ethiopian Rapper Taddy Yo on wezwez addis by DJ Kingston

Latest new’s about Ethiopian Rapper Taddy Yo


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